Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dominican Acta Renew with Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians
decided to extend until 2013 the contract of dominican manager Manny Acta.

Acta kept the Indians in the race for most of this season until injuries ended undermine the youth team, which finished second in the Central Division of the American League.

The Indians have a record of 80-82, a rise of 11 wins over last season.

The contract expired in 2012, Acta and the Indians rewarded him by making use of the option to renew the contract until 2013.

After two seasons with Acta as the manager Cleveland has improved to 149-175.

Acta will have to make changes with their coaches. On Wednesday, bench coach Tim Tolman reported suffering from Parkinson's disease and will not return next season. Pitching coach Tim Belcher resigned to spend more time with his family.

Nadal's clock reaches 500,000 euros at auction

The clock that the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal looks on his wrist, the RM027 Tourbillon, reached the figure of 510,000 euros at auction in Monte Carlo.

The fourth edition of the auction, "Just watch," which was organized at the Hotel Hermitage in Monte Carlo last week, and was attended by Prince Albert, presented this model
Richard Mille created for Nadal and the player wore during the final pass of Monte Carlo Masters 1000, which also won the Spanish David Ferrer.

The final bid for this watch, rated the world's lightest and with a limited edition of 50 pieces, was € 510,000.

The auction was intended to raise funds for research of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (or progressive muscular dystrophy). A total of 40 watches were auctioned getting
a collection of 4,563,000 euros for this cause.

NBA Bryant would play in Italy

What until yesterday was nothing but a simple interest, now became a reality filled with Italian basketball illusion: the Los Angeles Lakers forward Kobe Bryant said he "very likely" will play for Virtus Bologna, italian team that tempted him with US$ 700 000 per month.

On a visit to Italy, the NBA player addressed the issue is news these days in Italy. "It's very possible it would be a dream for me. It's an opportunity and we are talking about. It is very likely to me is very good news," said the player to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Kobe Bryant, who lived in Italy during his childhood, said that in this country he learned how to play basketball.

"Italy is my home, where I started my dream of playing in the NBA. Here I learned the basics, I learned to shoot, pass, play without the ball. All things that when I returned to the United States boys my age do not know, because just thought jump and hammer the ball, "he added.

The Virtus Bologna offered him a lucrative contract to Bryant to play during the NBA strike, until they unlock the conflict and restart the American basketball player.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ronaldo will marry in 2012

Despite earlier announcements had been made ​​similar, it seems that this time the story itself is serious. The engagement of the striker from Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo, and her partner, model Iriana Shayk, could be further strengthened as the couple's marriage is imminent and concrete expression to the next year, the Portuguese press.

According to close friends of the couple, the Portuguese player's union and the Russian model would be held on July 12, Cristiano Ronaldo after sporting events culminate with the Championship.

As is known, Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina met at a photo shoot for Armani advertising campaign that was conducted last summer.

Since then, the romance grew and now the couple is separated only for professional reasons, and even with Irina now lives in Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo just moving to New York to meet his professional commitments.

Tévez will pay fine

Argentine footballer Carlos Tevez was fined 60 pounds today (RD $ 7.600 Dominican pesos) and three points on his driving license after admitting he exceeded the speed limit with his Bentley.

In a court of Manchester (northern England) representatives of the Manchester City striker admitted that on November 13, 2010, Tevez was driving at 61 miles per hour in an area could not exceed 48 (30 miles per hour ).

Argentina international striker, who did not attend the hearing, had not disclosed the identity of the driver of the Bentley at first but finally acknowledged that excess speed, which has prevented the complaint go to more traffic.

Tevez, 27, has been relegated to the bench this year's Manchester City after the arrival of Sergio "Kun" Aguero at the forefront of Mancini and so far has not gotten any goals in the Premiership.

After sharing the title of top scorer in the Premiership last season with Berbatov, Carlos Tevez tried in vain to leave Manchester this summer and finally had to stay in the City.

NBA Camby arrested

NBA center Marcus Camby was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana after being arrested Monday by police in Texas in a "drug free".

Camby was indicted on a charge of "possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone" after being arrested while driving his Porsche sports car, said police spokesman Onesimus Lopez. He was released on $ 2,000 bail.

Lopez said that the rating of the charge is related to Camby was arrested near a kindergarten.

The official added that Camby to stop odor of marijuana was detected in the vehicle, and after a search within the drug was found, but did not specify how much.

Camby, 37, played last season for the Portland Trail Blazers. In 15 seasons in the NBA already had a prior arrest for marijuana.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Maradona defies Batista

"That makes me believe I'll have a better retirement," challenged the former Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona after the threat of a lawsuit that launched him on his successor as national team coach Sergio Batista.

"Hopefully, hopefully that makes me trial," Maradona reiterated in dialogue with the channel Todo Noticias (TN), after Batista announced that demand for slander for saying that charging bribes in his time as coach of the "Albiceleste".

"I'll have to bank (support) that face, but I'll have a better pension when I retire", added Maradona, who on the eve said that Batista was receiving money to designate certain players to the national team.

"Ahead of Veronica (his current partner) and" Mancu "(Alejandro Mancuso, his former aide and former right hand), (Carlos) Mc Allister said he was the representative of all team players," reiterated Maradona now.

"Since the selection is finished grab kites (bribes). Journalists jerks were made when I said McAllister came to offer me kiting players because he already had arranged with Checho Batista and Brown if they were in charge of the team, "Maradona released.

"I will not get into fights because it is all in the hands of my lawyers. I'm tired and dirty to me free. I am tired and my lawyer know what to do," said Batista interviewed by ESPN Radio of Buenos Aires.

"I heard the statements and have nothing to do. This mess my image, why not do it, why all this out are false claims," Batista complained about the constant attacks of his colleague.

Manny Ramirez could join Aguilas Cibaeñas

The nest of the dominican baseball team Aguilas Cibaeñas warmed after Manny Ramirez showed his intentions to play again with the team for the upcoming winter tournament.

Yesterday the president of the Aguilas, Winston-Chilote-Llenas, though not confirmed the release, received the message from a person close to the slugger about his claim to wear the yellow uniform again last time used in the 1994-95 season .

"I sent that team workouts begin on 26th of this month and the tournament on October 14 and he is my cleanup hitter," said Llenas. "His presence would not only be good for the Aguilas, but for the championship."

Manny played for three seasons with the Santiago team (1991-92, 1993-94 and 1994-95) where he compiled .243 batting average in 84 games. In getting shot 70 hits, among which stand out 15 doubles, seven triples and two homers in 288 innings. He scored 38 runs, drove in 28, was transferred 32 times and struck out 45 times.

"Yet I have my reservations about him going to play," explained Mr. Llenas.

In April this year, journalist Enrique Rojas,, reported that the player, days after announcing his retirement from baseball, had expressed his intentions to play with the Eagles.

"Now I walk with a cap of the Aguilass. Tell the fans not to despair that the winter ball is coming soon, "Ramirez said through a text message." Now I'm getting ready to defend the crown 21 of the Aguilas, "he said.

Manny Ramirez was suspended for 100 games because steroid use, his last MLB team was the Tampa Bay Rays.

Recently, he was in jail for hitting his beautiful brazilian wife.

Walter Bonatti is dead

Italian mountaineer Walter Bonatti, considered by many the best in the world, died yesterday in Rome at 81 years of age, due to illness.

coffin of the mountaineer and writer and journalist, will be moved on Saturday to Lecco, a town bisected by the Alps mountains, where on Sunday the chapel was installed, according to Efe Dalai editorial, published the bulk of his literary work, based on his experiences and travels.

Fifteen-year career as a climber Bonatti turned into a legend. With 18 years he managed his first hit, climbing to the top of Grigna, mountain near Lecco.

From 1951 to 1959, jumped or tried to climb various parts of the Mont-Blanc (Italy-France), and K2 (Pakistan-China), his most controversial trip, which made 24 years and that almost cost him his life, without manage to reach the summit.

Bonatti retired from the profession in 1965 and was dedicated to travel and write numerous articles and books.

He sought the sources of the Amazon (Brazil), studied the tigers of Sumatra (Indonesia), proved that the author of "Moby Dick", Herman Melville, was actually imprisoned by cannibals in the Marquesas Islands, as he wrote in "Typee, a cannibal Eden "(1846), and explored solo around Cape Horn (Chile).

The mountaineer was awarded the "golden ax" in 2009 for his career, the highest civilian award that can receive a climber, and was the only person in the world holds the honorary citizenship of the Mont-Blanc, who received last summer.

The famous Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner, first crown the fourteen "eight thousand" (technically defined as the highest mountains in the world) said of Bonatti was the last great traditional climbers, as reported by the online edition of "Il Corriere della Sera ".

Today, the Italian Senate gave a minute of silence and words of tribute to the "greatest mountaineer of all time"

A-Rod and Cameron split

American actress Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez, star of the baseball team New York Yankees, again broken their relationship because both prefer to focus on their careers, today reported the online edition of the magazine U.S. Weekly.

"They broke up recently," the weekly said a source close to the Yankees' third baseman and the highest paid player in the Major League Baseball, popularly known as A-Rod.

The source explained that the popular star of films like "There's Something About Mary" (1998) and "Knight and Day" (2010), 39, is "very busy with her career," while A-Rod, 36 years, "has had some injuries and wants to focus on playing.

"Both are dedicated professionals," the same person was quoted by the magazine, adding that the actress of a Cuban father and baseball player from the Dominican Republic, "we still are friends and love," and especially "he has much respect for her. "

The couple already has staged several breaks during their relationship, the last in June after they were reconciled.

Alex Rodriguez, who divorced his wife Cynthia in 2008 and to whom it was related to the singer Madonna, began dating Cameron Diaz a year ago when he decided to celebrate his achievement of being the youngest player in history to sign 600 runs giving a helicopter ride over New York accompanied by her and her friend Gwyneth Paltrow.

They kept the relationship secret for months but they were spotted together in February during the final of American football Superbowl in Dallas (Texas) and then a pleasure trip to Mexico, and on several occasions in New York.

Dominican Basketball team will know playoffs rivals

Selected managers of Dominican men's basketball will know more later today about the European teams that they could meet next July in the Pre-Olympic World Cup or playoff.

Lithuania is already confirmed. The winner of the game between Greece and Serbia will get a ticket, like the losers of the semi-final Spain-France Macedonia and Russia.

The four european teams that finish between 3 and 6 of Eurobasket, held in Ukraine will join Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Angola, New Zealand and two Asian countries that will qualifier, which is defined 25 of this month, will vie for the last three places for the London Olympics.

In the playoff, to be played from 2 to 8 July at a venue to be confirmed, the 12 teams are divided into four groups of three where each quintet will play two games.

The occupants of the first and second in each group advance to a stage of eight teams to play a sudden death phase.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dominican Republic out of Las Americas Preolympics

20 points from Marcelo Machado, Brazil defeated 83-76 on Saturday to the Dominican Republic and qualified for the Olympics in 2012.

Dominican, being pre-Olympic semifinalist of the Americas, will have a new opportunity to go to London when a playoff dispute global headquarters in July in a designate.

Machado (Brazil Flamengo) made five three-pointers on eight attempts, in addition to capturing two rebounds and six assists.

His teammate Marcelo Huertas (Caja Laboral, Spain) followed with 19.

Al Horford (Atlanta Hawks) and Jack Martinez were the best shotters in the Dominican with 18 points each.

Two consecutive doubles for Brazil's Marquinhos opened hostilities and Martinez pulled by the same route, in what was a clear indication of the closeness that would match.

With both teams failing followed from the perimeter, Francisco Garcia was riding with two bombings of three that allowed his team to finish the first quarter just one point below.

Edgar Sosa will have surgery

Dominican basketball player Edgar Sosa arrived yesterday at 11:00 am from Mar del Plata, Argentina, and was welcomed by Sports Minister Felipe Payano, and his mother, Maritza Ramirez.

Speaking with Today, Sosa was in good spirits, very vigorously and unwavering faith.

"I know that in six months I'll be back, I have taken this very philosophy and attached to God," he added.

He stressed that he feels very happy with all the support given by his teammates and all the Dominican people.

"The prayers have worked, I know that everything will go well, I trust the dominican doctors," he said.

Sosa said that when the accident occurred at the end of the game against Panama, he felt nothing at that time.

"When I tried to stand, then threw a cry," said the young athlete.

Payano received Sosa and the small entourage that accompanied him, greeted him with a hug and assured the athlete that all the Dominican people is praying praying for his health and everything will be okay in the operation.

"As the opportunities we will provide full cooperation for this brilliant athlete, who was injured defending the national colors and we do that on behalf of President Leonel Fernandez, who is an athlete who has given full support to elite athletes performance, especially in the social and human, "said Payano.

He noted that
Sosa is an example for the youth of the Dominican Republic players and the world and will work out of this predicament. "Sosa has a lot of inner faith and it will help a world and only has 23 " he said. Since yesterday is being held in the Plaza de la Salud.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Peynado won Grand Prix

Dominican pilot Jacinto Peynado took first place in the top nationally, the DTS, during the 4th.
time National Championship Racing "Grand Prix Caribbean" made the 2011 Mobil 1 Speedway yesterday, beating all of his rivals.

The Spanish rider Jordi Gene accompanied Peynado and dominated the 4th. Automobile competition, combining the results of second and first in both races.

Driving the Lion Seat 99, the pair relegated to second place with Jorge Leroux, who had an exceptional time dominated the ratings the previous day.

In third place came the championship leader Kiko Cabrera, who is missing two important points deducted even races of the 2011 season of racing at the Autodromo Mobil 1

Sebastian Paniagua RS category, which dominates when the championship was the winner of this fourth meeting, away from those competitors in the second place we have Ricky Perdomo, in his second appearance with his new civic relegated to the third Jose Manuel Hernandez and Victor Gonzalez.

While Alain Giraldi ST category gets his fourth consecutive victory after winning result on both sleeves, getting their first championship mathematically in the circuit in just his second year, the youngster was followed by Manuel Lantiagua and the third Lenin Hernandez , who waged a pitched battle with William Garcia that moved everyone present.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

De la Hoya thought in suicide

former world champion boxing Oscar De La Hoya first talked about the personal crisis that crossed due to cocaine and alcohol that forced him to enter a rehabilitation center.

In addition, De La Hoya also acknowledged that two years ago he had thoughts of suicide, but lacked the courage.

De La Hoya broke his silence about his addiction and admitted he failed in his personal life as a father and husband of former Puerto Rican singer Millie Corretjer, with whom he has two children.

The former boxer, known as "Golden Boy", made ​​his remarks to the program "Aqui y Ahora" on Univision in an interview to be aired tonight and the same source which gave a preview to the press.

"Bottoms out recently," said De La Hoya. "Like two years ago, I thought my life could be worse, but I had the courage, the courage to kill myself, but I thought."

De La Hoya said the cocaine and alcohol was mostly what made him feel good and think he was above everything and everyone.

Giants Fired Tejada

San Francisco Giants began to cut back on Wednesday and decided to end its ties with dominican infielder Miguel Tejada.

Tejada, 37, received a one-year contract for $ 6.5 million in December to join the Giants.

He was hitting .239 with four homers and 26 RBIs in 91 games. he had to 4-20 since being activated from the disabled list in Aug. 16 after missing 25 games with a strained lower abdomen.
"I knew it was coming eventually," said Mark DeRosa on the shock. "I do not know who or where he came from. At some point something had to be done. "
"I just want to thank you for the opportunity," Tejada said in a brief telephone interview. When asked if he saw the movement come, said: "I ​​do not pay attention to that. I just try to play baseball. "

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