Thursday, September 1, 2011

De la Hoya thought in suicide

former world champion boxing Oscar De La Hoya first talked about the personal crisis that crossed due to cocaine and alcohol that forced him to enter a rehabilitation center.

In addition, De La Hoya also acknowledged that two years ago he had thoughts of suicide, but lacked the courage.

De La Hoya broke his silence about his addiction and admitted he failed in his personal life as a father and husband of former Puerto Rican singer Millie Corretjer, with whom he has two children.

The former boxer, known as "Golden Boy", made ​​his remarks to the program "Aqui y Ahora" on Univision in an interview to be aired tonight and the same source which gave a preview to the press.

"Bottoms out recently," said De La Hoya. "Like two years ago, I thought my life could be worse, but I had the courage, the courage to kill myself, but I thought."

De La Hoya said the cocaine and alcohol was mostly what made him feel good and think he was above everything and everyone.

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