Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dominican Acta Renew with Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians
decided to extend until 2013 the contract of dominican manager Manny Acta.

Acta kept the Indians in the race for most of this season until injuries ended undermine the youth team, which finished second in the Central Division of the American League.

The Indians have a record of 80-82, a rise of 11 wins over last season.

The contract expired in 2012, Acta and the Indians rewarded him by making use of the option to renew the contract until 2013.

After two seasons with Acta as the manager Cleveland has improved to 149-175.

Acta will have to make changes with their coaches. On Wednesday, bench coach Tim Tolman reported suffering from Parkinson's disease and will not return next season. Pitching coach Tim Belcher resigned to spend more time with his family.

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