Saturday, September 10, 2011

Edgar Sosa will have surgery

Dominican basketball player Edgar Sosa arrived yesterday at 11:00 am from Mar del Plata, Argentina, and was welcomed by Sports Minister Felipe Payano, and his mother, Maritza Ramirez.

Speaking with Today, Sosa was in good spirits, very vigorously and unwavering faith.

"I know that in six months I'll be back, I have taken this very philosophy and attached to God," he added.

He stressed that he feels very happy with all the support given by his teammates and all the Dominican people.

"The prayers have worked, I know that everything will go well, I trust the dominican doctors," he said.

Sosa said that when the accident occurred at the end of the game against Panama, he felt nothing at that time.

"When I tried to stand, then threw a cry," said the young athlete.

Payano received Sosa and the small entourage that accompanied him, greeted him with a hug and assured the athlete that all the Dominican people is praying praying for his health and everything will be okay in the operation.

"As the opportunities we will provide full cooperation for this brilliant athlete, who was injured defending the national colors and we do that on behalf of President Leonel Fernandez, who is an athlete who has given full support to elite athletes performance, especially in the social and human, "said Payano.

He noted that
Sosa is an example for the youth of the Dominican Republic players and the world and will work out of this predicament. "Sosa has a lot of inner faith and it will help a world and only has 23 " he said. Since yesterday is being held in the Plaza de la Salud.

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