Friday, September 16, 2011

Maradona defies Batista

"That makes me believe I'll have a better retirement," challenged the former Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona after the threat of a lawsuit that launched him on his successor as national team coach Sergio Batista.

"Hopefully, hopefully that makes me trial," Maradona reiterated in dialogue with the channel Todo Noticias (TN), after Batista announced that demand for slander for saying that charging bribes in his time as coach of the "Albiceleste".

"I'll have to bank (support) that face, but I'll have a better pension when I retire", added Maradona, who on the eve said that Batista was receiving money to designate certain players to the national team.

"Ahead of Veronica (his current partner) and" Mancu "(Alejandro Mancuso, his former aide and former right hand), (Carlos) Mc Allister said he was the representative of all team players," reiterated Maradona now.

"Since the selection is finished grab kites (bribes). Journalists jerks were made when I said McAllister came to offer me kiting players because he already had arranged with Checho Batista and Brown if they were in charge of the team, "Maradona released.

"I will not get into fights because it is all in the hands of my lawyers. I'm tired and dirty to me free. I am tired and my lawyer know what to do," said Batista interviewed by ESPN Radio of Buenos Aires.

"I heard the statements and have nothing to do. This mess my image, why not do it, why all this out are false claims," Batista complained about the constant attacks of his colleague.

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