Thursday, September 29, 2011

NBA Bryant would play in Italy

What until yesterday was nothing but a simple interest, now became a reality filled with Italian basketball illusion: the Los Angeles Lakers forward Kobe Bryant said he "very likely" will play for Virtus Bologna, italian team that tempted him with US$ 700 000 per month.

On a visit to Italy, the NBA player addressed the issue is news these days in Italy. "It's very possible it would be a dream for me. It's an opportunity and we are talking about. It is very likely to me is very good news," said the player to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Kobe Bryant, who lived in Italy during his childhood, said that in this country he learned how to play basketball.

"Italy is my home, where I started my dream of playing in the NBA. Here I learned the basics, I learned to shoot, pass, play without the ball. All things that when I returned to the United States boys my age do not know, because just thought jump and hammer the ball, "he added.

The Virtus Bologna offered him a lucrative contract to Bryant to play during the NBA strike, until they unlock the conflict and restart the American basketball player.

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