Monday, October 31, 2011

Dominican Horford talked about NBA lockout

Al Horford has failed to earn 40% of his salary he would received during the current season because of the cancellation of the first month of next season and have his judgments about the guilt of the stalemate in negotiations.

The Atlanta Hawks center believes that the team owners have the key to open the door to prevent a completely canceled 2011-12 season.

"I felt that in the past, players have yielded too much to the owners and I feel like it's over the way they (owners) are trying to do it," Horford said.

Horford, who earned $ 5.4 million in the previous season, will receive about $ 2.1 million for the two fortnights having insurance does not collect unemployment because of the league.

The two-time All Star Team this year begin to collect the first payment of his contract for five seasons and $ 60 million.

According to Horford, who has participated in several meetings between players and owners, the group that owns not give more in claims.

The players have accepted 57% down to 52.5% in revenue received by the league for basketball activities concept, known as BRI. The owners are asked to arrive up to 50%.

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