Sunday, October 23, 2011

NBA Still is lock out

The negotiations between the owners of the NBA and the players' union came to an end after three consecutive days without any agreement was reached to sign a new collective agreement are met 112 days of the lockout.

After 30 hours of negotiations in a hotel in New York with the federal mediator George Cohen, neither side changed their position on two key issues regarding the new agreement, such as revenue sharing and salary cap.

The suspension of negotiations implies that there could be further cancellations of regular season games from next week and endanger the rest of the competition.

The NBA commissioner, David Stern, who could not attend today's meeting, Thursday, because he was affected by the flu, had advanced this week if no agreement was reached, from the next they would have to cancel parties and jeopardize Christmas Day.

Adam Silver, deputy commissioner of the NBA, who represented Stern in the morning negotiations with the owners and in the evening with the players union, acknowledged that the new failure in the negotiations will bring serious consequences for basketball.

"Ultimately, we were unable to close the gap separating the two sides," said Silver. "We understand the consequences that will have the situation where we are and we feel sad for our sport."

For its part, the players union president Derek Fisher also recognized that professionals were aware of the impact that had staying with no progress.

"This is by no means something about pride or ego of the players," said Fisher. "At stake is the future of many people by the separation between the two parties."

The cancellation of the first 100 games of competition has meant the loss of 170 million dollars in salaries for players.

The chairman of the NBA labor relations, Peter Holt, who also owns the San Antonio Spurs, said he hoped they could return to the negotiating table, but the day had been "very hard"

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