Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pujols is the best in MLB

Albert Pujols
was criticized for making a mistake in the World Series and not speak to the media after losing the second game, Albert Pujols responded with power on a night that now belongs to the history of the World Series.

"There are always going to criticize, that no one can worry. I only stopped to continue making good swings and thank God that I could help my team win, "Pujols said after his magnificent work of three homers to join Babe Ruth (1926-28 both against the Cardinals) and Reggie Jackson (1977 against the Dodgers) as the only to do so.

Yet some of his colleagues understand that his comments acids blunder before firing over from Jon Jay that allowed Elvis Andrus to second and eventually pass to score the race awoke the monster.

"When the wasps are quiet, do not wake up," said Rafael Furcal. "That man (Pujols) must be left alone. He is the best and I'm not surprised to come back and hit two more shoals. He said as the great "he said.

For Octavio Dotel, the signs that did not speak to the press after the defeat at San Luis Alberto were unfair and spoke like the better it is. "Now what will they say? That gave the best answer. And make no mistake, here in this dressing room and I think few in baseball are surprised that, because he is the best player. That surprised if anyone is coming tomorrow (tonight) and loose couple of shoals again, "he explained.

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