Sunday, October 9, 2011

Raiders´Owner Dies

Al Davis, owner of Oakland Raiders Hall of Fame NFL, has died at age 82.

The team announced his death Saturday, but did not report the cause of death.

Davis, one of the most important figures in NFL history, was known as a rebel and as the face of some Raiders who became famous for its reckless attitude on and off the pitch.

Davis was also one of the leaders in making the NFL the most successful league in the history of American sports.

In the 1980's, Davis won a court battle to change his team Oakland to Los Angeles. Even after returning to Oakland in 1995, went to court and sued by 1,200 million dollars to establish who still owned the rights to the Los Angeles market.

Until the Raiders became the losers in the first decade of the 21, Davis was always a winner, first as coach and then as owner and manager with a classic slogan: "commitment to excellence."

And the Raiders were almost always excellent, won three Super Bowls in the 70 and 80 and were candidates for the title most other seasons, with players often problematic behavior or rejected by other teams.

Davis, the Hall of Fame in 1992, was an innovator. Black head coach hired in the modern era, Art Shell in 1988. He hired the first Latino descent coach, Tom Flores, and the first female CEO, Amy Trask.

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