Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tony Parker signed with a French team

The French NBA player Tony Parker, who plays for the San Antonio Spurs, confirmed on Wednesday that he signed with french basketball team ASVEL Villeurbanne and will play with them during the closure of the NBA.

Parker, which debuts on Oct. 14 with a monthly net salary of 1,500 euros, said in an interview with L'Equipe newspaper that although he has had offers from Barcelona, ​​Efes Pilsen and Chinese big clubs, it seemed a "logical choice "return to play in his country.

"What really motivates me is playing in France, before my friends, my fans, people who have followed my career from the beginning. In the NBA, playing at three in the morning, it is difficult for them to follow the games," noted in this newspaper.

Parker, by which the ASVEL has paid 190,000 euros to ensure that it has until December, said that team can show "what to do to win the big games," and share with young people experience in the last ten years.

For the player back to France a decade after his premiere in Paris "is a very good chance", which does not care to temporarily leave the private jet back to the Spurs and bus travel in the beginning.

"I'll do the whole world," he said in the newspaper, which recognizes that virtually "will play for free" because it comes not with the intention of making money, but to help the club and make it better.

"There is no point to reach, target and I go forty points. The goal with this young team is to qualify for the play-offs. Do not forget that the main reason I came to ASVEL is that breakthrough," said the player, which opens on Friday next week against Paris.

Parker, born in 1982, also said in January that if this set is still aspire not only to qualify but to win the title.

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