Friday, November 25, 2011

MLB labour agreement will affect dominican players

A day before the announcement of the new collective agreement in the major leagues, managers of various clubs pondered what the impact will be on how college baseball players and Latin America.

In Latin America, the agreement shall terminate such contracts colossal with cuban defectors, as the pitcher Aroldis Chapman, who signed for six years and U.S. $ 30.25 million contract with the Cincinnati Reds in 2010.

After learning the new contract, Dayton Moore was asked what his impact on Kansas City, who spent more than $ 14 million this year to be made of amateur players.

With the establishment of new taxes on luxury in the June draft in recruiting players from foreign leagues, owners of the biggest hope to reduce the payment of bonuses to high collegiate players, as well as prospects of countries like the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Agent Scott Boras believes that this will hurt baseball, a sport that has attracted players like Joe Mauer and Carl Crawford over college football.

"The father of a 14 or 15 years say, 'my child can get a full scholarship, my son can go straight to the NFL or NBA, MLB and just can not offer a contract in the minors, and can not even give a bonus similar to that paid by other sports, '"Boras said.

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