Friday, January 20, 2012

Gary Carter´s health is getting worse

Gary Carter's health has worsened.

The former catcher and Hall of Famer who played for the New York Mets was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in May, received on Thursday the results of his last scan, according to his daughter Kimmy Bloomers.

"I would say that the results were good ... now there are several new points tumors in the brain of my dad. I write these words with tears in my eyes because I'm sad for my dad," she wrote in her blog.

"Dr. Jimmy Harris will come tonight at my father's house to talk with families about the next step," she added.

Carter, 57 years and member of the Hall of Fame, underwent magnetic resonance tomography Friday in North Palm Beach, Florida, and the results were sent to his doctors at Duke University for evaluation.

A day earlier, fell during a doctor's appointment and completely tore the elbow, wrote Bloomers. Also fell on Christmas Eve, he said.

"It's very painful and need surgery, but all I can do now is keep Dad rehabilitation," he said.

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