Friday, January 13, 2012

Manny wants to be a model player

At the beginning of last season, Manny Ramirez abruptly retired from baseball after a second anti-doping rule violation in the majors, choosing to quit the sport rather than comply with a suspension of 100 matches.

Now, Ramirez wants a chance to prove a major league team for spring training, hoping that his request out of retirement and that obtaining a reduction of his punishment, 100 to 50 games show MLB baseball teams that he has changed.

"I want to show people that Manny can change, you can do the right thing," Ramirez told ESPN's Pedro Gomez in an interview. "And prove that I can still play. I do not want to leave the sport as I did".

I also want to teach my children that if you make a mistake, do not quit. Go back and fix it. And if you're going, you're going the right way. "

"Many people come to me and say, hey, this guy made ​​a mistake but not conquered. Look how it ended. He did the right thing and back, "Ramirez said to Gomez.

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