Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nadal says he does not cheat

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal said on Monday that it is "impossible to cheat" and that doping has little meaning in sports like tennis, soccer, or accuracy.

Speaking to television channel Antena 3 the Spanish player said, in relation to the puppets of the French Canal Plus which implied that Spanish athletes achieve their excellent results thanks to doping in Spain have been given more propaganda what should be.

"The French treat me great, but when I go into court encourage me less, I understand Spanish because we have spent many years in the Tour and win Roland Garros," said the player, adding: "I've been three or four drug tests in so far this year, it is impossible to cheat. "

Nadal was publicly via Twitter, which coincidentally had to undergo a drugs test on Saturday at 8:30 am.

"I have not seen anywhere doping. All I know is I can not take. I played the final (Roland Garros), 2005 against (Argentine) Mariano Puerta, who later tested positive, but I've never seen doping, "said the player.

Nadal justified the successes of Spanish sport and based on these principles: "The effort, the desire to excel and work are vital"

The Spanish tennis player, number two in the ATP, who said he would love to be the champion of Spain in the 2012 London Olympics, admitted he is happy with the general treatment will occur in France.

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