Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New York Yankees Tony Peña want to manage MLB Baseball

After having led the Kansas City Royals to win the award for Manager of the Year, the dominian Tony Pena has served as bench coach for the Yankees in recent years.

However, the desire to assume the reins of manager is something that has not gone to the former Baseball Star..

"Everyone knows where I am. The desire to manage is there, "Pena said when talking to writers today during the celebration of the exaltation ceremony Hall of Fame Baseball Latino.

Peña is currently the bench coach for the Yankees and manager Joe Girardi.

However, it has received proposals for re-manager in recent years.

"There have been rumors, but only that, I have called" Pena said.

But the veteran baseball man does not want to receive calls only to meet requirements of interviews with members of the minority.

Peña is the right hand of Joe Girardi who manages New York Yankees and said that every day has to go running in his mind to respond to the foreman when he asks for advice.

"I have to go running in my mind and start thinking as he thinks that when I order something I can respond as he expected," he said.

He said: "It is sometimes difficult, because you have to control a bit to not tell ahead to do something, but these things happen."

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