Sunday, May 13, 2012

Albert Pujols: no homers in April

Albert Pujols hit a powerful left field line, and players of the Los Angeles Angels stood in the dugout, as the public at the stadium. The ball continued its path toward the stands, but eventually landed a fewfeet into foul territory.

A collective groan swept the Angel Stadium after that homer on Monday night, a cry that is repeated every night.

A month after the start of the season, after signing a $ 240 million, the most feared slugger in baseball seems to have run out ofgunpowder in the bat.
"I know I can hit home runs," Pujols said"I do not know when it will happen."

Pujols pulled a ball park around April, an amazing streak of 23 games and 92 at-bats without doing what he did 445 times in 11 seasons with the CardinalsSince the end of last seasonfirst baseman through the longest drought of his career with 29 games and 121 innings without connecting to full turn.

For a gifted hitter who is supposed to be in the prime of his career,is a disturbing streakeven in the early stages of his contract for 10 years.

For the Angels, who are paying a stratospheric figure who is regarded as the best hitter of his generation, is a problem that threatens to get ugly.

"I do not think about it," Pujols said"It could be tomorrow, next day in a month, do not know. My job is to be ready to play and make every swing ... when they reach the home runs come in bunches. "

For now, have not the uniform of the Angels, and that was not what the team expected when they signed Pujols for a decade with the third most lucrative contract in baseball history.

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