Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Felix Sanchez is a dominican hero

Dominican athletes Luguelín Santos and Felix Sanchezwere received as heroes in their country after participating in the Olympic Games in London where the former won the gold in the 400 meter hurdles and the second silver medal in the 400 meters.

"We finally got here," exclaimed an exhausted Sanchez in a room that was small for the large number of reporters, cameramen and photographers who came to cover the event at the Las Americas airport in the capital.

Sanchez said that everything he does in his career is dedicated to the Dominican people, whom he thanked so many tokens of affection and solidarity.

"You are what give the impetus to keep running, you only see me in official races, but I have always practice the Dominican people to my side, I thought," he said 'Very happy', who won his second London yellow metal, which added to the 2004 Athens Olympic title.

The sprinter said that were "many" of those who gave ruled in recent years because of ongoing injuries that had to overcome again and again.

"Now let's enjoy this victory for all athletes Dominicans put up the name of our country in the Olympics," he said.

Santos, meanwhile, merely to thank the hosting country, his family and his coach, Jose Rubio.

Prior to the two medalists, spoke taekwondo Gabriel Mercedes, who was injured in his first match and came up short in their aspirations to get back into the Olympic podium, which tasted four years ago in Beijing with his silver, and the gymnast Yamilet Peña.

Athletes were welcomed from the Dominican Sports Minister Felipe Payano, and the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD), Luis Mejia, who highlighted the "courage and self-respect" of all local athletes who competed in the Olympics London.

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