Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kobe Bryant Loves Pau

 Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Bryant recalled the love that has to teammate Pau Gasol after winning the Olympic final (107-100) in London and made it clear that Catalan will continue next season in franchise angelina.

    "I told Pau that I love has played very strong. Has been exciting for me is always difficult to see my brother who has not won, very difficult," said Kobe Bryant - the clash ended with 17 points - , told the Cadena Ser ', which includes Europe Press.

    The American guard, which was to embrace Pau Gasol just concluded the crash was the first to congratulate the team, but not the only one. Then, the 12 members plus the coach, finished shaking hands at the power forward of Sant Boi.

    "They've been very strong. It is an honor to play against them and we are very fortunate to have won. We do not doubt," said Bryant, who wanted to dispel doubts about the future of his teammate Pau. "Yes, it will stay with me," he concluded.

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